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Sleep Machine 'Tunes' Brain Toward Deep Sleep Using Infrasonic Pulsed Magnetic Fields:

Unlike sound & light type sleep machines, our unique electromagnetic sleep-machine tunes brain and body down, simultaneously tuning cells for massively enhanced oxygen use and reduced oxidative stress, resulting in vastly improved energy production and longer cell life. EarthPulse™ is far more than a sleep-machine; it's the world's only sleep, recovery, performance enhancement and anti-aging system.

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Sleep machine technology using pulsed electromagnetic fields is the most efficient and cost effective way to enhance deep sleep (while improving nighttime recovery and daytime performance) guaranteed or your money back. Tired of being tired? Our sleep machines have helped thousands of clients sleep better since 2002. Check out the EarthPulse™ Affiliate- Program at

The Sleep on Command™ sleep machines are effective no matter if elderly or athletic, Joe-six-pack or a world-class professional athlete; sleep better, perform a decade or two younger and be setting personal performance records for your age category in 90 days or return it.

Don't waste money on light-type or white-noise sleep machines when neither type of sleep machine has any cellular effect other than perhaps (dubiously) helping you fall asleep faster. No cellular response other than what slightly better sleep provides.

Don't waste money wearing uncomfortable head-gear required by sleep-monitoring equipment; you already know you sleep terrible. Invest that same money in technology that will actually improve your sleep! Strapping a radio frequency transmitting device to your head all night makes absolutely no sense at all and is downright unhealthy! RF exposure contributes to unhealthy sleep regardless if blue tooth.

Get all the benefit of pulsed electromagnetic therapy systems while you sleep! Our sleep-machines not only improve sleep, but nightly use improves cell metabolism to help promote huge gains in cellular energy thereby cell repair, longevity and overall health. Works AWESOME on pets too.  Add 5 years or more to the maximum age of any 10 year (or older) pet due to unique anti-aging and longevity effects of our sleep-machines. You'll notice a difference in their energy, mobility and mood during the first week of use. No placebo effect there!

Our patented, sequentially slowing electromagnetic signals from these non-contact pulsed magnetic sleep machines literally 'tune' the neurological system toward the deepest state of sleep called Delta-rhythm; through the well established process called entrainment. At the same time they provide your cells an electronic 'tune-up' that reduces oxidative stress and provides huge amounts of NEW energy production for memory consolidation, hormone production, immune function and cellular repair during the night; and for vastly improved mental and physical performance during the day.

Our extremely low frequency, pulsed magnetic sleep machine uses ELF in the infrasonic range at or below 14.1 Hz. These same frequencies have been proven to upregulate oxygen metabolism and cellular regeneration. Our sleep machine technologies have evolved over 10 years of research and thousands of clients. Our sleep machine technologies are better than 96% successful at improving sleep and daytime performance. The only side effects are greatly improved vitality, enhanced short & long term recovery, increased strength & stamina and much clearer thought process.

Gizmo - a 17 year old Yorkie-Maltese acts 4 or 5 years old after 9 years of constant RECOVER-MODE program during nighttime and whenever in her bed during daytime. People guess her age at around 4 years old because of her speed and playful mindset. We recently learned of a long-term client with 18 year old cat that in 4 years on EP (just sleeping next to her master EVERY night) is guessed at 5-6 years old due to its mobility, jump height and playful mind-set. It's owner had to put the cat toys down from attic because cat was clawing furniture again. No placebo effect in animals!

Nothing on Earth works like our sleep-machine technologies because they've got EarthPulse™inside. Though just 1/3rd to 1/15th the price of PEMF systems, we think you'll find either sleep machine model PRICELESS.

Our Sleep Machine and Delta-rhythm Sleep:

The deepest state of sleep is called Delta-rhythm. This is the 'slow-wave' sleep state associated with repair, immune function, memory consolidation and hormone synthesis. Delta-rhythm is not to be confused with REM-stage sleep (rapid-eye-movement) where heart rate, brain function and respiration are elevated while dreaming; which provides little energy conservation required for the processes stated.

Delta-rhythm is associated with the physiological and mental processes above because it is the time when heart-rate, breathing and mental processes are at their lowest state of energy consumption; allowing excess cellular energy to 'pool' and be sequestered for these most important processes that keep our minds and bodies young. Without adequate amounts of DEEP sleep, nearly all the ATP generated by the cell is used to sustain life and thereby loses the daily battle with oxidative stress. It is well known that just one or two nights without Delta sleep negatively impacts all of these processes including blood sugar levels. Our sleep machines result in more rejuvenating sleep because they result in increased production of ATP while you are sleeping deeper resulting in synergistic effect that provides unparallelled short and long-term recovery.

Lack of Delta-rhythm sleep for just two or three days reduces body's ability to moderate blood sugar effectively resulting in previously healthy young test subjects' blood sugar profiles resembling those in pre-diabetic condition. Lack of Delta-rhythm also reduces levels of the hormone called Leptin which moderates craving for food (particularly junk food). The bottom line, poor sleep makes you FAT! The studies mentioned in this EarthPulse sleep machine press release came years after the release of the v.1 EarthPulse device in 2002. Nearly 6000 satisfied clients can't be wrong.

Hit that satisfied client link and check the standardized feedback PDF forms to see what 'satisfied' means (we resumed posting these recently but never can keep them completely up to date). If you don't get similar effects just return it and be one of the unfortunate < 4%.

Sleep deeper, feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90 days with the Sleep on Command™ sleep machines or simply return for refund.

Magnetic Sleep Machine vs. Static Magnetic Sleep Systems and Earthing

We've already discussed how pulsed magnetic sleep machines make white noise, binaural beats and pulsing light sleep machine systems obsolete. What about the Nikken and Magnetico type static-magnet sleep systems? Although static magnetic systems undoubtedly have biological effects, they are light-years behind pulsed electromagnetic sleep machine technology. Static magnetic systems have no ability to entrain which is a function of pulsed repetition rate i.e. frequency. No frequency, no entrainment.

Nor can most static magnetic sleep systems penetrate the body (but-for the Magnetico systems which can't entrain regardless). Please read entrainment link at top of page first and one immediately above as they are different.

Earthing systems designed for better sleep are designed to discharge static electricity built-up in body due to having no contact with earth in bare-feet or while sleeping. However, this inventor habitually walks barefoot, surfs and kite surfs and is about as 'grounded' as a human being can get. Yet, his health and old sports injuries continued to deteriorate with age. Earthing can't touch EarthPulse™ for energy and rejuvenation; there is nothing like long duration night-long sessions within the pulsed magnetic field of these sleep machines. Absolutely nothing.

Our magnetic sleep machines are safer, less expensive and more effective than any nutritional supplement or pharmacological program intended to make you sleep well on a nightly basis; or to enhance performance during the day, particularly under athletic load. These sleep machine systems are the most powerful ergogenic aid (athletic performance enhancer) ever discovered!

As an added bonus, both our systems shift to Alert-mode prior to shut down so they even help you wake on your own.

The Sleep on Command™ Sleep Machine, Recovery, Longevity Performance Enhancement system:

The 10 Hz Recover-mode, only available in the full function Sleep on Command™ is PRICELESS. To learn why click here for key 10 Hz research. The Sleep on Command™ sleep machine has nearly 6000 clients since 2002 and during the past 3 years (since last technical upgrade) returns for refund are slightly under 4%. Nothing on Earth works that well for sleep, recovery and physical and mental performance enhancement. Absolutely nothing.

For a thorough technical explanation of the 8-mode full-function EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ sleep machine, longevity and recovery system visit We hope you'll recognize the value represented by this low-cost yet full function portable pulsed electromagnetic technology. Particularly its Recover-mode program.

Why Our Sleep Machines works so well:

Entrainment is one of the Creator's biological principals. For a one-time purchase, you'll be able to sleep and recover better than you ever have. We hope you'll take this opportunity to try one of our sleep machines RISK-FREE. You've got a better than 95% statistical probability you'll be sleeping-easy. Nothing works as well as the SleepEasy® & Sleep on Command sleep machines because they have EarthPulse™Inside. Sleep better, feel and perform a decade or two younger in 90 days or return for refund.

How Our Sleep Machines work:

Simply place the electromagnetic inductor under your mattress (as shown in the flash slide presentation above), turn on controller, set the timer and press start. The digital Sleep-Mode and Recover-Mode programming shifts to low Beta- rhythm (ALERT) frequency in morning to assist you to wake.

Our sleep machine begins its one program in low-Alpha-Rhythm and sequentially steps down into the low-Delta-rhythm range. Your brain "locks-on" or entrains to the sleep machine signals and before you know it, you're sleeping deeper and recovering better than ever. Sleep on Command™ has a selection of 4 different SLEEP-MODE programs, ALERT, 2 ENTRAINMENT programs; its 9.6 HZ RECOVER-MODE program is the preferred sleep program for many clients, and most of our athletic clients to reap the rewards of long term 10 Hz mitochondrial stimulation which theoretically reverses aging according to the NASA study linked there. Actually reverting cells DNA signature from mature to developmental after 30 days 10 Hz exposure at just 1/2 Gauss, 10 hours exposure per day.

The inventor now 55 y.o. attests he doesn't feel a day older than he did 10 years ago after 1 year of sleeping in the RECOVER-MODE program. A Testament to how well our RECOVER-MODE Sleep on Command™ programming helps promote cellular rehabilitation. 

The Sleep on Command™ sleep-machines also are effective to combat harmful effects of high-frequency telecommunications fields during nighttime that are preventing us from achieving routinely deep sleep. It shields you from detrimental cellular effect of high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) at night and makes cells FAR-more resilient to them during daytime. Sleep on Command's ALERT-MODE program that runs in low-Beta from start to finish (up to 12 hours timer setting) can be used to protect user while working at a desk in high-EMF work environments without producing drowsiness.

The range of frequencies produced by these sleep machines are the same frequencies intended by nature to promote rehabilitation, relaxation and deep sleep, which have unfortunately become background noise to man-made high frequency (unhealthy) power and telecommunications spectrum fields.

Our sleep machines mimic Mother Nature's naturally fluctuating magnetic fields providing their benefit to help us sleep deeper, recover faster and perform at levels not experienced for decades.

Our Sleep Machines Affect Longevity Due To Potent Anti-Aging Effects:
Due to the effect these particular frequencies have at the sub-cellular level we have proposed substantially enhanced cellular repair and thereby longevity. Click here to get your copy of Double or Triple Life-Span: the Mitochondrial Theory of reverse.  If you've read this far, we hope we've given you adequate information to possess enough confidence to try our pulsed electromagnetic sleep machine.

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Stops EMF Pollution from disrupting sleep & detrimentally affecting cellular metabolism.

Sleep is not nearly as deep as it used to be regardless of age category. The simple reason is the pervasive telecommunications net.

If you don't sleep well, you are not alone. This year's National Sleep Foundation study found nearly 2/3rds of participants slept poorly at least several nights per week.

Meanwhile, autism and cancer incidence have skyrocketed during 20 years of telecommunications proliferation. Yes, vaccines have a substantial effect but EMF above 20 Hz cripple cellular energy systems significantly reducing body's ability to fight back.

Get our free report telecommunications fields & detrimental effect upon sleep.

For decades we know that sleep is better camping than in our own beds.

The simple reason is sleeping off the grid or within weakest part of the power and tele- communications grid; outside "the Matrix", sleeping in touch with the ground,... in touch with Mother Earth's resonating 9.6 Hz low- Alpha frequency.

In recent decades we are sleeping more and more poorly due to electric fields in the bedroom. However, since proliferation of wireless telecom fields in mid-1990's, our human genome has reached a tipping-point.

Sleep is failing in every age and socioeconomic category world-wide.

In last 15 years autism incidence is up 40x's and cancer is up more than 10x's!

During the same 15 years the average person sleeps soundly 2 hours less per night or worse.

This slowly kills body with critical impact on repair, immune function, memory & mental performance, psycho- logical well-being, heart health & obesity.

When sleep is deeper it provides better physical and mental repair & recovery. We all need adequate nightly repair or our brain and body break down and age prematurely.

Double your life span simply be sleeping better on either of these patented technologies.

Gizmo is probably the only 16 y.o. dog in the world that can walk on her hind legs, jump 3 times her shoulder height, stalk her food and play with toys like a puppy.

Unfortunately the vet nearly killed her in March 2011 with a steroid-antibiotic shot and she was sent home from vet emergency clinic w/ 35% chance of long-term survival.

A full year later she has recovered from kidney failure and congestive heart failure though the steroid injection severely eroded two disks in her spine. It seems her jumping days are over though she's still spunky and is able to move around pretty quick.