Sleep Machine

Pulsed Magnetic Sleep Machine Efficiently 'Tunes' Brain Toward Deep Delta-rhythm Sleep; unlike white-noise & light-type sleep machines that dubiously have any effect whatsoever, our sleep machines tune cells' power generation system to improve body's use of oxygen and other nutrients.

$599 (plus $49
shipping to anywhere
in the world)

Sleep on Command™
$599 (plus $49 shipping to anywhere in
the world)

  • 4 button controller design
  • 4 Sleep-Mode programs plus Modes
  • Recover / Alert / 2 Entrainment
  • 100-240 volt power supply
  • Sleep inductor electromagnet
  • Cross polarizing magnetic attachment for local use
  • Travel case
  • Simple instruction sheet

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Blocks EMF Pollution: Electromagnetic telecom- munication field pollution disrupts sleep and subsequently cell recovery.

Sleep is not nearly as deep as it used to be regardless of age category. The simple reason is the pervasive telecommunications net.

If you don't sleep well, you are not alone. This years National Sleep Foundation study found nearly 2/3rds of participants slept poorly during the week.

Double your lifespan simply be sleeping better on either of these patented technologies.

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